Welcoming 2014 in Sumilon, Cebu

Happy New Year Everyone!!! How did you guys spend your new year?

As usual, I spent New Years with my family then met up with my friends and partied hard all night long with Champaign and a lot of bar hopping. Holiday festivities are always fun! What was special about this year was having visitors from Japan and I am very excited to tell you all about it. January 1 usually entails being in bed all day long with a really bad hangover, a trash bin beside your bed and stuffing yourself with vitamin C but as I said, this year was different. My January 1, 2014 was all about the beach — Driving 3 hours down south to Oslob and taking a boat to SUMILON Island.


Yes, THIS is Sumilon — a very exclusive Island off the coast of Oslob. Our home for the next 3 days! (Blue Waters Resort is the only resort in the island) Exciting isn’t it? Sunbathing with the smell of coconut sunblock on your skin, water on your feet, and a pinacolada to top it all off, it was perfect……BUT NO! Right when we got there, the weather was jealous of our 3 day mini vacation and decided to bring a storm to us! THANKS A LOT!


The boat ride to the island was equal to the Ridler’s Revenge in Magic Mountain…the only difference is this lasted for 20 mins. Nevertheless, we got to Sumilon safe and sound but instead of going straight to the beach, we ended up having cocktails at our porch.

Meet our lovely Japanese guests. If it weren’t for them, we would have never planned on coming here at all. The highlight about this day was the sumptuous dinner we had at the resort. The food was great and members get a 20% discount.


I loved playing this local “board” game called SUNGKA. It was my favorite game in my childhood years. We had to show our Japanese guests how to play it.


The next day, we enjoyed a bit of sunshine over our buffet breakfast and decided to swim with the Whale Sharks, locally known as “Butanding”.


Blue Waters has a boat service that goes back and forth to Oslob everyday so we took the 10am boat to Oslob and paid PHP100 for the car service that took us right in front of the Whale Watching Registration Area.  I love how organized they are now. You register, join a little bit of seminar to tell you the Do’s and Don’ts and you’re off!

Here are the prices:

PHP300 for locals

PHP500 for locals who want to swim and snorkel

PHP1000 for tourists who want to swim and snorkel

There is an extra fee if you want unlimited underwater photos taken by them and they save it in a CD for your souvenir.


Seeing the gentle giants are just amazing. I’ve swam with them three times already but I’m always awed when I see them underwater and though I know they are harmless, they are still 3x my size and it scares me to death when they swim near.

We went back to the resort and went snorkeling all afternoon. The water was just crystal clear! The island is surrounded by coral reefs so it is not surprising the variety of fish you see right when you jump in the water. I just let the waves take me to where the current was going, I didn’t care how long I was. When I finished, my hands looked like they belonged to a 95-year-old body. We rested on the sand bar until sunset and ran up for cocktails. imageimage

Here are my top 10 things to do in Sumilon may it be with your family or a romantic getaway or with your friends.

1. Snorkelling and

2. Diving — even people without license can dive for fun if there’s a dive master

2. Go Kayaking on their lagoon

3. Enjoy a beer at the sandbar or their beach


4. Hike the 1.5KM route and catch a breathtaking view of the entire island, and see Yamashita’s cave

5. Have a traditional massage with the best view!


6. Take a dip in their infinity pool.


7. Stargaze at night

8. Go to Oslob to swim with the Butandings

9. EAT, EAT, EAT!!! There was nothing we ordered that didn’t favour our taste buds. Everything was delicious. MY favorite was the Goreng and the 3 flavored Creme Brûlée.


10. Doing all these with the best people!


The entire group bidding farewell our island getaway and going back to reality.




(Jan 01-03, 2014)

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