One of my favorite chic flicks is “Chasing Liberty” where the first family of the USA goes to Prague and little-old Anna Foster, tired of all the 5 star treatments, escapes and wanders around Prague for a night with a stranger; so when I learned we were heading to Prague, I was determined to follow her footsteps.

Four days in picture perfect Prague. We stayed right at the foot of the Castle in Malostranaska Namesti. My dad’s CFO had an apartment there who was quite generous to offer his place for our family. We met his very lovely, artistic wife and gorgeous model-like daughter; such a delightful family.


They say Prague beer is one of the best beers, I had to see and taste one for myself,

Day 1

Charles Bridge – Prague Castle – Sto. Nino Church – Night out

In every city in Europe, there is always a river that breaks the city in two that is connected by a recognized bridge; Tower Bridge in London; Pont Alexander in Paris and Chain Bridge in Budapest to name a few. For Prague, they have their Charles Bridge, a bridge that is –believe it or not- built even before the Philippines was discovered, ofcourse with the help of a lot of restorations, it is still standing until today.


It may be just a bridge that connects the Lesser Quarter and the Old Town but walking along the preserved “Karluv Most”, (as they say it in their local language) was rather amusing as you can see different local people showcasing their talents for singing, dancing and magic tricks while others sell their trinkets which my brother went crazy on. What also caught our attention were the beautiful sculptural decorations on the balustrade with 30 baroque statues that portray several saints.


From Charles Bridge, we walked up to the Prague Castle District.

Prague Castle happens to be the largest ancient castle in the world. We made the mistake of not buying tickets at the entrance so we missed out on seeing the interior side of the castle and all the other things needed to be seen, we had a great time exploring the outside premises nonetheless. There were a lot of things to do like paying a visit to St. Vitus Cathedral, seeing the entire city of Prague from the garden, eating sweet bread sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar, going through the different shops and even just looking at couples having wedding photoshoots.


The entrance to St. Vitus Cathedral and the interiors of the cathedral


This part of the castle district is where part of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was filmed. In the movie they said this was in Russia. 

This sweet bread was an absolute delish!!

1. Roll


2. Sprinkle with Cinnamon 


3. EAT!


My parents, who are hardcore wine drinkers, enjoyed the walk along the vineyard at the castle gardens. 


The lovely view of the Lesser Quarter and Old Town Prague.

My family has a very strong faith in the Baby Jesus who we call “Sto. Nino”. Aside from Cebu City (where I live) Prague was one of the cities that was given the original statue of the Sto. Nino. so we had a little bit of adventure looking for the church. My parents being very Filipino as they are crossed the street on a red light, not knowing this city was very strict on J-Walking, they were stopped by the police and was asked for their passports, luckily they escaped. What we do for the love of the Sto. Nino!


Don’t you think they look like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?  – Well, I think they do!  If you’re wondering about the get up, they had to cover up incase the police man recognizes them and would arrest them.

That night our friend, Natasha, took us out to watch Harry Potter 7 (where better to watch Harry Potter than the place it was filmed?) and then we grabbed a few drinks at Chapeau Rouge. a bar/club in Old Town with a different scene on every floor. We were at the bottom floor where they played live music. I’ve never seen my brother dance in a club before so I was pretty surprised when he did this time.


Day 2

Old Town Square or known as Staromestske Namesti is frequently overflowing with tourists as this is the most famous square in the city. Here you see different shops, cafes, restaurants and very important buildings and churches.


The Astronomical Clock

This clock mounted on the exteriors of the Town Hall is the oldest and the last one standing astronomical clock in the world. People actually wait for it to do its magic every hour by the hour. Although I must say the description of what the clock does on the hour is far more interesting than the actual show. You see the figures rotate inside the small windows that open up on the hour and death ringing his bells beside the clock and its pretty much it.


The Church of our Lady Before Tyn and St. Nicholas Church


Too much walking the entire day we ended up in the New Town in Wenceslas Square.


Day 3

On this very last day in Prague, I had a huge argument with my dad so we ended up going on separate ways and spent a full day bonding with my brother. It was quite a lovely date with my dearest brother as we walk around the entire city endlessly talking and taking in every new experience; we went to the Jewish Quarter, had a cruise on the Vltava River, had a  whole pizza for lunch, walked to the dancing building, went to the French market and then rested at the park.


This is the National Museum and where Chasing Liberty was filmed


This is the view of the Castle District from the Vltava River. Such a postcard perfect photo. 



This would have been such a lovely activity to do in Prague but then it would be weird going on a romantic boat ride with my brother. 

This lovely distorted building right here called the DANCING HOUSE has a bar named “CELESTE”. 



There was a French Market that day under Charles Bridge that we checked out.

Prague was one beautiful city, one that climbed straight to the top of my Favorite Cities List. 4 days in this city and I fell in love at first site. It may be a small city but one that offers a wide range of things to do. Definitely one of the places to see before you die.



July 14-18, 2011


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