Stunning Santorini

Where can I even begin to describe this stunning creation of God? From afarone would think it’s magical- how can the mountaintops retain snow in a very, very hot weather? Then you take a second look and realize, it’s not snow, but the structures and it will leave you just breathless. Famous for their dramatic views, impressive sunsets and fantastic beaches, Santorini will leave you nothing but wanting more.


How to get there:

My family and I were in Athens for 4 days and on our 5th day, we took a ferry from Peraius straight to the Greek islands. The ferry takes about –believe it or not- 8 to 9 hours to Santorini and a stop to the other islands along the way like Paros and Mykonos among others. IF you could take a flight, that would be a better option.



We stayed in a quaint little apartment in Thira named Kafieries Apartment. It offered us a truly Greek experience with its blue and white stone architecture with the most amazing view of the volcano in the middle of the Caldera.


Villages or Towns:

Santorini is one humungous island and it is composed of different villages or towns, all of which look the same but aren’t quite the same—each has its own story to tell.



This is where 80% of the people stay since it’s the main village. This where most of the entertainment is found such as the museum, the exciting cable car ride, donkey rides and numerous shops and bars. These cliff-perched villages are very picturesque that every angle of it is an opportunity for a post-card-perfect photo.



This is hands-down my favorite town. It has everything Fira has to offer but with a more beautiful setting. This is the town where most movies are filmed (any fans of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants out there? I sure am!) and this is also where most artists are found paining sceneries, sunsets and such. This town just offers so much beautiful views that’s why they say the best place to experience the Greek sunset is in Oia – sadly, I didn’t get to see this beautiful sunset but I believe FIRA offers the same beauty.



In Santorini lies the worlds best beaches so on this day, we decided to take the bus and explore these world-renowned beaches. First stop was Kamari, a pebble black beach on the southern most side of the island. It has a long black sand and shingle beach where topless sunbathing is a common thing. My dad didn’t really enjoy and figured “all the beaches here look like this” and decided to go back to THIRA instead. The boss always has the last say so naturally, mom and I agreed. Kamari was beautiful, sadly I’m not very fund of black sand and as proud of a Filipina as I can be, the Philippines, I say, still has the beaches in the world for me.

DSCN1363 DSC03228DSCN1371DSCN1364

We were in Santorini for 4 days and now I realized, we didn’t really get to do much in this island but just simply site-see with my parents. I loved that I got to really bond with them in these four days, I do hope though when I come back here (hopefully soon), it would be with the one I love and we’ll both get to bask in the sun in our swimwear, ride the donkeys, taste the food, dip in the water, see the volcano and do a boat ride around the entire island… that is how to truly experience the stunning island that is Santorini.




(May 2010)

**This post is dedicated to the #Dohadolls who recently came from their Greek adventure that made me so jealous! 

6 thoughts on “Stunning Santorini

  1. Santorini is so beautiful.I hope one day I can go to feel immersed in the water,watching the volcano across the island by boat and doing mood.Thank you for sharing such a beautiful landscape


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