Figuring the Figure 8 Pool

To sum up my mountain climbing journey in 2015, I reached 7 summits and did 6 treks along rivers and beaches. It was a very outdoorsy year for me and I wish to continue this hobby in 2016. To celebrate my 6th month in Australia, my family and I decided to all go to the famous Figure 8 Pool…okay, maybe not THAT famous but someone suggested we do the trek and the photos looked stunning. It would be a wonderful day trip outside Sydney with your whole family.


I was with my boyfriend and his parents, my sisters and their children aged 3,8 and 13. We were all quite excited to have this family bonding in a beautiful place. The kids seemed pretty excited as well. It was a perfect day to do the trek without a cloud in the sky. I was so proud of all of us especially the kids and my boyfriend’s parents to endure this strenuous walk for 5 hours. So here are tips for you all if you plan to do the walk.

So, where is FIGURE 8 POOL?

IMG_2163It’s inside the Royal National Park about an hours drive south from the CBD in Sydney passing by Kirrawee. We took the road frequently travelled. The easiest way to reach the pools is through Garawarra Farm Road off Garie Road. There is a huge parking lot there for your convenience. It is pretty safe and you don’t have to worry about leaving your belongings.

The 1.5 Hour Walk to the Pool

You can start your walk from the parking lot, just follow the signs for “Coastal Walk” and follow the path leading to Burning Palms Beach.

You won’t get lost as there is a foot path all throughout and you’ll meet a lot of people walking back up so it is not scary at all. This has got to be one of the most beautiful treks I’ve ever done. The coastal edge view is breath taking. The trek is only 3.5 kilometers to reach the natural pools and it took us 1.5 hours. Mind you, I found the trek quite easy but having 2 kids at 3 and 8 years old was quite challenging. It would probably take a shorter time if you walk fast. But the walk to the pool is one of the highlights of this trek. The view from the top is absolutely amazing and you would want to take your time to take it all in. So taking is slowly but surely is the way to go.IMG_2181IMG_1668IMG_2495IMG_2186

At the start, you’ll be walking though trees, you will then end up in an open field. Just keep walking straight until you see the Coastal Walk sign again then turn right to Burning Palms Beach.


This is the most important of all and I can’t emphasize that enough. It is crucial for your safety to check this. The last 900-meter walk to the pool can be very dangerous. You will be climbing on slippery boulders and it will be impossible to pass through it when the tide is high. Also, you won’t be able to see the pools when the tide is high so make sure you go there at the lowest tide, preferably 1 meter and below.


At the Pool

It won’t hurt to bring a backpack with lots of food and water. You can do a small picnic on top of the boulders and it will be delightful scenery. We finally reached the Figure 8 pools. At first you’ll probably think “is this it?” but take a few minutes and swim a little and then you can appreciate it. It was beautiful! The rock formations were really something.

Based on my reading, there are a lot of circular sinkholes in the area, it gets larger and larger and some sinkholes merge together, making it look like the number 8. There are a lot of tiny figure 8 or just a circle but there is only 1 main #8 where people line up to take a photo of. It’s not that big and it’s very deep.



My family and I were sitting near the edge appreciating the waves when all of a sudden a strong wave hit us and thank goodness my sister help on tightly. The kids could have been hurt if she got out of balance. So when you bring your children, stay away from the ocean and have them swim at the shallow pools near the rocks. It is open water and we’ll never know when a big and strong wave will come. My boyfriend and I wanted to have a nice photo in this pool when when we were posing, a huge wave came in and if he hadn’t pulled me up, it would have pushed me at the bottom of this deep pool.




December 30, 2015


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