The Traveler in Me


The Wondering Wanderer was created in April 2013. It’s a documentation of my lifetime travel experiences. I’ve been to 5 continents, 30 countries, 250 cities and counting. So instead of keeping my wandering escapades all to myself and before they all fade away into the darkness of my subconscious, I started this travel blog to share with you where I stayed, the food I ate, the people I met, the do’s and don’t, what to pack, and a lot more — hopefully, I get to inspire you to buy that ticket and go on that vacation you’ve been dying to have.

I was a Fine Arts Major in Advertising student in my hometown of Cebu. We did painting, photography, film, comics, animation, typography and anything related to arts but I ended up working in real estate right after school for 2 years and at the same time, worked for a life insurance company. My friends and I also opened the first franchise of Kublai Khan, a Mongolian eat all you can restaurant in 2014 but it was a massive failure and flopped 2 years down the line.You can say I like exploring different industries. In 2015, I left everything and decided to move to Sydney, Australia and the fastest way to get there was to study. So I went back to square 1. Earning less than minimum wage but very happy.  I was working in yet another industry…retail. I am loving my life in Australia so far and fast forward to the present, I’ve met an amazing man, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and my life has a whole new meaning since then. Also, I am finally working in the industry the I’m passionate in, TRAVEL and TOURISM. At the moment, my job description is “TRAVEL SALES CONSULTANT”, we shall she how this pans out for me but I have a great feeling about this one. Until further notice.

My parents loved traveling; not a year passed without them seeing new places and fortunate little me was tagged along. Since then, I was awed by how beautiful the world is and nothing will stop me from seeing the rest of it. From the night markets in Bangkok, to the nightclubs in Las Vegas, to the fairy tale castles in Scotland and to the beaches in my homeland, the Philippines, I will bring you with me in my lifetime journeys.


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