Siem Reap Travel Video

2 of my Bestfriends, my boyfriend and I went to Siem Reap on a long weekend and here’s our trip in a nutshell. Enjoy!

Temple Running in Siem Reap, Cambodia

SOUS  DEY!! One of the few words I learned in the Khmer language, which means “Hello”. It’s hard to forget that because funny enough, “Sus Dai” in Cebuano could mean “oh my god, woman!” depending on the context. I also learned how to count 1-5: Muy, pee, bai, buon, prahm. But the word that I fell most in love with is “SAAT” (that’s how I heard them say it) meaning, “PRETTY”, the word that best describes this city.

“Saat” Siem Reap is the number one destination in all of Asia and is no doubt Cambodia’s most touristy town. I used to think this was so because of the temples but there is so much more to this city than that; some of the reasons why one would fall in love with this enchanting city right away would be;

(1) The city remains to be laid back, untouched and traditional despite their French and western influence; it has definitely kept its charm and authenticity throughout these years.

(2) You walk around Pub Street and you meet people from around the globe and people from all walks of life. In addition to that, Cambodians are very friendly and welcoming that it just warms you up like a blanket. I definitely felt I was in a different city in the Philippines.

(3) Everyone speaks English and US Dollar is accepted everywhere even in the most remote places. No one needs to change their money to Khmer unless for souvenir purposes. Not to mention, everything is relatively affordable in this city.

(4) Zara, Mango, Ralf Lauren, Forever 21 have their clothes made in Cambodia. Naturally, when you shop in Cambodia, it is way cheaper!

(5) The food is just incredible!  There is an abundance of restaurants specializing in Khmer cuisine but my favorite part is the street food!

Imagine experiencing all that in 5 whole days! We bought our tickets October last year on sale. (Yes! We waited an entire year for this trip! But it was well worth it) Our tickets were only for PHP3,500, US$80.00, who could beat that?! So now, journey with me as I do a recap on how my week went. Continue reading “Temple Running in Siem Reap, Cambodia”