Bordeaux oh oh


“Have you been to France before?”

“YES! I’ve been to Paris!”

“SO… you haven’t been to France.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been told more often than not that Paris isn’t France and there is way more to see and experience beyond the capital. I loved Paris; I enjoyed my experience (both good and bad). I couldn’t imagine other cities being more beautiful…then I went to Bordeaux and I quickly understood why. I absolutely fell in love at first site! The city has caught up with modern times but the feel of the city’s history is still well preserved and that’s the beauty of it. The buildings turn bright golden when hit by sunlight and it shows all its grandeur. Every corner has a little surprise up its sleeve and it just keeps getting better and better. As you can tell, Bordeaux quickly melted my heart not only because it’s so damn beautiful but for numerous other reasons and I’ll tell you all of them!

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France 2017 Travel Video

Sneak peak of our recent trip to France. What an amazing trip that was! Spending time with Matt’s family, a quick reunion with my favorite people, seeing my bestfriend walk down the aisle, seeing new places, eating great food and drinking world class wine. Definitely one of the best trips of my life.

Sweet Little Saintes

Aside from great wine and sophisticated food, France is also known for its quaint villages and medieval towns. The countryside has that distinct rustic quality that everyone loves; white washed buildings, colorful shutters, intricate details and the smell of freshly baked brioche just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s what the French countryside is all about and I have fallen head over heels with it. (maybe that’s why I’m with a Frenchie?) Just an hours drive north of Bordeaux is a charming, little city called Saintes. (Pronounced “SANT”)

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Why You Should Travel With Your Boyfriend…NOW

Read more to know why it’s not a bad idea to go on that dream vacation with your boyfriend.

Even though you’ve been together for a while; going on a trip together is different because you’ll never know how a new environment and the decisions you make can affect the two of you. It will test whether the relationship is as rock solid as you think it is or not; travelling brings out the best AND worst in anyone and it could “make or break” a relationship. Funny enough, a few of my friends who traveled together (even more than once) ended up broken apart after the trip. But on a lighter side, here are 10 benefits I thought of when you travel with your long-term boyfriend.

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Highway Run Into the Midnight Sun

3000KM, 8 cities, 5 countries, 5 days, 3 people, 1 car

After a very hectic week and a 24-hour travel, we finally set our feet in Brussels, Belgium on a Sunday afternoon on the 19th of May. We brought the sunshine with us as I heard it was raining all week long. I can’t believe the trip has officially started! By the way, I had to postpone the trip for 10 days because of more important matters* so instead of a 2-week road trip, we were now down to 5 days! How to embrace all places in a short period? Sadly, we had to drop ¾ of the places we planned on seeing such as Amsterdam, the rest of Belgium, Zermatt, Switzerland, south of France and south of Spain. We wasted no time so we met our very good friends who live in Brussels and they showed us a remarkable time. Only an afternoon in this lovely city and we were able to have a bird’s eye view of what this place is about. We got a bottle of Belgian beer, got our map and plotted only the cities that were on top of our list for the road trip. We left early morning the next day and we were off to the start of our journey…

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