“Doing Europe” Part Two: Getting Around

This lady really did her research! For people who want to travel on their own, here’s a tip for you!

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When it comes to backpacking around Europe, no two countries are the same. That being said, when it comes to transportation it pays to know what you’re dealing with. Literally. Most people have no idea how much money they could be saving if they only did a little research on the transportation networks in each country they’re visiting. The difference could mean adding another city to your to-do list, which I think is reason enough to do a little digging!

For the most part, Europe is based upon three different types of public transport: planes, trains and buses. Bare with me here… there is a lot of ground to cover.


One of the best things about European travel is the insanely cheap, low-fare airlines. This means getting somewhere a lot quicker than on the ground and it is often necessary when heading places divided by bodies of water.


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Budapest with the Best


The last stop of our 4-week Eastern Europe trip (but definitely not the least) was Budapest. I was most excited for this city for numerous reasons — I was seeing some friends who I haven’t seen in months; I couldn’t wait to see the sites especially the architecture (I hear it’s like walking back in time); I wanted to relax in their Turkish Baths and lastly have a taste of their famous Palinka.


We stayed at the Opera Residences, a place I would recommend for families, couples or friends who visit Budapest. It has a large space with a kitchen, washing facilities and best part – WIFI. It’s right behind Budapest’s State Opera that has lots of cafés and entertainment just around the corner. Andrássy Avenue and the Váci utca shopping street are just a few steps away from the Opera Residence.

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One of my favorite chic flicks is “Chasing Liberty” where the first family of the USA goes to Prague and little-old Anna Foster, tired of all the 5 star treatments, escapes and wanders around Prague for a night with a stranger; so when I learned we were heading to Prague, I was determined to follow her footsteps.


Krakow, Poland – A Learning Experience

So, let me ask you, what do you know about Poland? If you’re like me, I didn’t know anything about this country until I actually stepped foot on it and it dawned on me why Dad was very eager to visit – mainly because of its immense account in history. So here are my “I-didn’t-know-that! Moments” of Krakow, Poland.

  1. I took ample curiosity in WWII events and where better to learn it than the country where the war all started? Yup, World War II began when the Nazis (German’s) invaded Poland that faithful night in September 1939. image
  2. Not long after, the Soviet’s (Russians) invaded the country, now, the poor Poles were arrested, exiled and then executed for no other reason but to kick them out of their own country.
  3. A great number of Poles were Jewish and the Jews were filthy rich and for some reason Hitler hated them and wanted all of them dead! So they were transferred to a Ghetto or to Concentration Camps where they were treated like animals. A dime was probably more than a Jew’s life.
  4. Pope John Paul II was born in Krakow – How marvelous is that? Me, being in the place where a saint grew up.
  5. Oskar Schindler, who has become one of my greatest icons, has his factory still standing in Krakow and it is the very place where “Schindler’s List” was filmed. –One of my ultimate favorite movies.

Here’s me wishing you had an “ahhhh” moment as well. But despite of wars and oppressive regimes, the city’s survival makes it a precious gem to its country. The city is just simply beautiful to explore on foot where you get to experience its medieval ambiance amongst a modern atmosphere. Continue reading “Krakow, Poland – A Learning Experience”