“Doing Europe” Part Two: Getting Around

This lady really did her research! For people who want to travel on their own, here’s a tip for you!

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When it comes to backpacking around Europe, no two countries are the same. That being said, when it comes to transportation it pays to know what you’re dealing with. Literally. Most people have no idea how much money they could be saving if they only did a little research on the transportation networks in each country they’re visiting. The difference could mean adding another city to your to-do list, which I think is reason enough to do a little digging!

For the most part, Europe is based upon three different types of public transport: planes, trains and buses. Bare with me here… there is a lot of ground to cover.


One of the best things about European travel is the insanely cheap, low-fare airlines. This means getting somewhere a lot quicker than on the ground and it is often necessary when heading places divided by bodies of water.


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Munich in 2 Days

Guten Tag, Munchen! Munich, where Oktoberfest happens all year long! People who go on other months aside from October won’t go thirsty or miss the best beer, trust me!


We took a night train to Munich, Germany. I figured it would save us money and time if we sleep in the train. How convenient is it to just sleep off the travel time and when you wake up, you’re already at your destination!  I got our tickets 2 months before through the DB Bahn website. This is where you find schedules of all the trains from and to Germany. I got the tickets for 209,50 EUR for 2 people. They sent the tickets through the mail but it took a month before it reached me so better make sure to purchase your ticket way before the travel date.


Transportation in Munich is so easy and feels very safe too! There are only 2 lines that connect to most of the places you need to see. Munich Central Station called Hauptbahnhof is conveniently located in the center making it very traveler-friendly and it has a lot of restaurants, shops, and a supermarket. You can get all the info you need right here or at any S or U-Bahn station. I suggest you get the PARTNER DAY PASS TICKET for 10 or 11,00 Euro. (Up to 5 people can use this pass unlimited for the entire day.)  Continue reading “Munich in 2 Days”