Ohana in Oahu, Hawaii


“Ohana means Family and Family means no one gets left behind”

-Lilo and Stitch

To my dearest darling Dad,
             I miss you every single day. Thank you for showing me the world. I will forever treasure this last trip we had in Hawaii. This one’s for you, my dearest.
Loving you always and forever,
 Your Dahlink, Lesty    ❤


Oahu is the second largest island in Hawaii. Personally, I think this is even more famous than the big island because of the variety of things you can do. This is where the metropolitan cityscape of Honolulu comes face to face with the clear blue waters of Waikiki and where modernism has a touch of history with the Pearl Harbor Memorial. From shopping, to hiking up the Diamond Head to basking in the sandy beach, Oahu has everything you want and even more.

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Italy’s Most Beautiful Coastlines


After our week under The Tuscan Clouds, we made our way down to the Campania Region. Sunny Sorrento – Where the key attraction isn’t history nor museums nor architecture but the lavish shops; the remarkable pebble beaches; the exquisite view of Mt. Vesuvius and the Limón cello that is waiting to be savored. Aside from that, Sorrento is a major transportation hub in the southern area for ferries, buses and trains which makes it an easy gateway to the places we wanted to visit: Isle of Capri, Pompeii Scavi, Positano and the Amalfi Coast which are right next door to each other. It was such a transition coming from the hushed countryside Tuscany to this resort-like town. Naturally, with all that, we stayed for 4 days in this astounding city.

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Cinque Terre Walk: The Mother of All Trails

In 2010, my family and I went to Italy for 3 weeks. One of the highlights of that trip was the Cinque Terre – 5 lands in English; it’s called so literally because of the 5 towns that compose it namely: Monterosso, Vernazza, Cornigla, Manarola and Riomaggiore. These 5 villages cling to the Italian Riviera coastline and embrace the Mediterranean Sea. The villages of the Cinque Terre in a bird’s eye view are somewhat the same in a sense that they all have pastel colored little buildings; they’re famous for their pesto; they are all built on cliffs and they have their own beach fronts (except for Corniglia). However, each town is unique in its own way; they have their own personality that differs them from one another. The primary attraction of the Cinque Terre is the trail that connects each village together that is being maintained by the UNESCO World Heritage. This is why the Cinque Terre is a famous destination for back packers and adventurous tourists, although not as popular as the big cities, but it’s slowly getting there.

#1 Riomaggiore


#2 Manarola


#3 Corniglia


#4 Monterosso


#5 Vernazza

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Skydiving Video


Visiting the Queen: England

Now, let me introduce you to little miss 16-year-old me… yes the awkward, shy girl with the braces, with no sense of fashion, who is always beside her mommy and who I would kick the ass off for being so unadventurous! But my 26-year-old self thanks the 16 year old me for having such great patience for writing in detail her thoughts and experiences in her travel journal, which makes it so easy for me to remember…

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