Everything is Awesome in Coron

Traveling with your friends can be very fun and exciting! It doesn’t matter where you go as long as the company is great. We wanted a vacation without the hassle of traveling too far and too long. So we thought, since we were all Palawan virgins, where better to spend a weekend getaway than in Coron? It is only an hour’s flight from Cebu and the seat sale purchase was a bonus. It was perfect. Our tickets were for PHP2,400 roundtrip.

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Coron, Palawan Travel Video

The Booming Oslob, Cebu

I was always excited to hear “Oslob” when my family and I used to road trip down south making our way to Negros. I’d be staring out the window thinking, “yes! one more stop and we’re there”. The quiet town of Oslob to me was only a reminder that we were close to our destination and it never was our final stop. For years it has been a sleeping beauty and now it has woken up to become a bustling top destination not only in Cebu but in the Philippines. How the wheels have turned! The town welcomes 700 – 2,000 people in a day! I, myself couldn’t count the times I’ve visited this town and I never get tired of it. Here are some of the reasons why this is one of my favorite towns in Cebu and why I keep taking my guests here.

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Welcoming 2014 in Sumilon, Cebu

Happy New Year Everyone!!! How did you guys spend your new year?

As usual, I spent New Years with my family then met up with my friends and partied hard all night long with Champaign and a lot of bar hopping. Holiday festivities are always fun! What was special about this year was having visitors from Japan and I am very excited to tell you all about it. January 1 usually entails being in bed all day long with a really bad hangover, a trash bin beside your bed and stuffing yourself with vitamin C but as I said, this year was different. My January 1, 2014 was all about the beach — Driving 3 hours down south to Oslob and taking a boat to SUMILON Island.


Yes, THIS is Sumilon — a very exclusive Island off the coast of Oslob. Our home for the next 3 days! (Blue Waters Resort is the only resort in the island) Exciting isn’t it? Sunbathing with the smell of coconut sunblock on your skin, water on your feet, and a pinacolada to top it all off, it was perfect……BUT NO! Right when we got there, the weather was jealous of our 3 day mini vacation and decided to bring a storm to us! THANKS A LOT!

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Happy Camper

Happy Easter everyone!!

In Lenten Season, it is a common thing in the Philippines for people to go back to their provinces and celebrate “Holy Week” (Days leading to Easter Sunday) with their families. A roadtrip to the beach is usually part of this long weekend.

Before the most-awaited long weekend, Filipinos have a lot of common practices one of which is the “Visita Iglesia” — on Holy Thursdays, You see everyone with their families flock the churches. We usually visit 7 different churches and do the stations of the cross or the Holy Rosary in each one.

On Fridays, you see people reenacting the Passion of The Christ on the main streets of the city — Volunteers actually carry a cross and Roman Soldiers whipping their backs with hundreds of people speculating. Some places in the Philippines even reach the point of crucifying these volunteers.

Saturdays are when most families hit the road to relax and escape the boiling hot weather of the city and leave all our worries behind for a weekend. I, for one, felt adventurous and realized I had too much beach the past month so we decided to do something different. My bestfriend-Katrina, my cousin, my boyfriend and his entire family drove for an hour up to the mountains of Adlaon to go on a nature trip -yup, we all went camping!


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