Ohana in Oahu, Hawaii


“Ohana means Family and Family means no one gets left behind”

-Lilo and Stitch

To my dearest darling Dad,
             I miss you every single day. Thank you for showing me the world. I will forever treasure this last trip we had in Hawaii. This one’s for you, my dearest.
Loving you always and forever,
 Your Dahlink, Lesty    ❤


Oahu is the second largest island in Hawaii. Personally, I think this is even more famous than the big island because of the variety of things you can do. This is where the metropolitan cityscape of Honolulu comes face to face with the clear blue waters of Waikiki and where modernism has a touch of history with the Pearl Harbor Memorial. From shopping, to hiking up the Diamond Head to basking in the sandy beach, Oahu has everything you want and even more.

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