4-Day Kruger Park Safari

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was The Lion King. The scene where Simba found Mufasa helpless on the ground after the stampede makes me cry buckets every single time. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally went on that African Safari. Being in the wild and seeing first hand how these untamed animals live is just beautiful.

I am stingy when it comes to tours so I wanted to do a DIY tour to Kruger Park but that whole shenanigan was too much. Renting a camper van, driving 7 hours from Johannesburg to Kruger Park, camping, figuring out where to eat and where to drive every day to see the animals just puts my head in. Another thing I considered was booking a private game drive in a lodge where you don’t have to think about anything because everything is at your service. (Hotel pick up, buffet breakfast, comfortable rooms, sunrise game drives with champagne and cheese – the dream, right?) The view of the room will be the park and if you get lucky, you’ll have elephants greet you in the morning or when you’re bathing in their spa, a giraffe will pop by and say hello. But these were way over our budget! I even considered sleeping in one of the tree houses so I can have a romantic night under the stars with lions roaring in the dark and who knows what else will be creeping up on you while you sleep. All these were just a bit too lavish for me though. After weeks of researching, my uncle suggested a tour that just hit the spot! It was the perfect one for us and was just exactly what I was looking for, a 4-Day Classic Kruger Park Safari Package.

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