C’est Beau CEBU!  

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve last written. My apologies to my readers – I hope I haven’t lost your interest. Where do I even start? Since my last post about South Africa, my life has changed dramatically. My entire year in a nutshell is composed of peeing on a stick (it showed two faint pink lines), hormones (lots of it), quitting work, suspending school and VOILA! Came a beautiful baby boy. Yes, I have been busy with motherhood, which will be a new section in my blog. Don’t worry guys, this post is not about the details of my precious boy (I will save that for later). Being a full time mom is difficult and satisfying all at the same time but it definitely will not stop me from doing what I love…travelling.

I haven’t been home in two years so I was really excited for this trip. I will be a tourist in my own country, why? Because I will be with my partner’s family who have not stepped foot in my beautiful country before and I will be their tour guide for the next two weeks. I was happy to show them how I lived my life before moving to Australia and immersing them in my culture. It was an amazing family reunion. So here’s our 2-week trip in Cebu City Continue reading “C’est Beau CEBU!  “

Happy Camper

Happy Easter everyone!!

In Lenten Season, it is a common thing in the Philippines for people to go back to their provinces and celebrate “Holy Week” (Days leading to Easter Sunday) with their families. A roadtrip to the beach is usually part of this long weekend.

Before the most-awaited long weekend, Filipinos have a lot of common practices one of which is the “Visita Iglesia” — on Holy Thursdays, You see everyone with their families flock the churches. We usually visit 7 different churches and do the stations of the cross or the Holy Rosary in each one.

On Fridays, you see people reenacting the Passion of The Christ on the main streets of the city — Volunteers actually carry a cross and Roman Soldiers whipping their backs with hundreds of people speculating. Some places in the Philippines even reach the point of crucifying these volunteers.

Saturdays are when most families hit the road to relax and escape the boiling hot weather of the city and leave all our worries behind for a weekend. I, for one, felt adventurous and realized I had too much beach the past month so we decided to do something different. My bestfriend-Katrina, my cousin, my boyfriend and his entire family drove for an hour up to the mountains of Adlaon to go on a nature trip -yup, we all went camping!


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