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Ahh Rome! Niko, a die-hard fan of Gladiator, was extremely overwhelmed when we step foot in this magnificent ancient city. I, myself was thrilled to see this mesmerising metropolis once again. It’s funny how Niko and I see this city in utterly different perspectives; he sees it as the great empire that ruled almost the entire world, the many battles and wars they have conquered and the numerous countries they reigned. I on the other hand see it as how Audrey Hepburn saw it in the movie Roman Holiday and I was determined to do exactly what she did in that one day she escaped from the palace.


Thanks to, we found our place in Rome. I took a gamble when I booked this; it was a bit far from the city center and we stayed in an extra room in an apartment owned by an Italian/Croatian couple. What attracted me most to this apartment was the price, the accessibility to the metro and the quick response of the host. When we arrived at the train station, she met us right outside with a big hug and a few kisses; it felt like we were long-lost relatives and she was even kind enough to look after our bags while we bought a few groceries for dinner.

Vinka Bibic was the best host! She showed us her lovely home, introduced us to her dog, presented to us our “home” for the next 4 days and the best part, we had wine and cocktails at her balcony; we talked non-stop until the sun fully set. Vinka wasn’t only our host, she became our friend, so Vinka, if you’re reading, I want to say thank you again and hope to see you in Croatia.

Day 1
As I’ve said a million times before, the best way to explore the city is by foot. Since we live far, we got an all day train ticket for 6 Euros each. We started off in Piazza di Spagna. It gets jam-packed on summer but we were lucky enough to see it just right before the peak season. We walked up the steps to the very top and we got our first glimpse of glorious Rome. The Spanish Steps is a good place to start your walking tour of the city because its walking distance from all the must-see sites. The reason why I wanted to go here first is to mimic Audrey Hepburn’s photo with Gregory Peck. Let me know if you think its good or not. Well at least I tried!



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