Mt. Kanlaon: Highest Peak in Visayas

I’m getting pretty addicted to climbing mountains. I question myself why I never thought of doing this before. Now, I have an endless list of mountains to climb. I have conquered the highest peak in Luzon and though it rained on us the entire time, I still reached the summit. (Mt. Pulag, I will have my vengeance!) Next stop on my list was the highest peak in Visayas which is Mt. Kanlaon.

Fun Facts about this mountain:

*It’s the third most active volcano in the Philippines – yes! It is active and can erupt anytime!

*It’s 2,435 meters above sea level

*It’s the highest peak in the Visayas region but 28th highest in the country Continue reading “Mt. Kanlaon: Highest Peak in Visayas”