The Booming Oslob, Cebu

I was always excited to hear “Oslob” when my family and I used to road trip down south making our way to Negros. I’d be staring out the window thinking, “yes! one more stop and we’re there”. The quiet town of Oslob to me was only a reminder that we were close to our destination and it never was our final stop. For years it has been a sleeping beauty and now it has woken up to become a bustling top destination not only in Cebu but in the Philippines. How the wheels have turned! The town welcomes 700 – 2,000 people in a day! I, myself couldn’t count the times I’ve visited this town and I never get tired of it. Here are some of the reasons why this is one of my favorite towns in Cebu and why I keep taking my guests here.

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