Bordeaux oh oh


“Have you been to France before?”

“YES! I’ve been to Paris!”

“SO… you haven’t been to France.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been told more often than not that Paris isn’t France and there is way more to see and experience beyond the capital. I loved Paris; I enjoyed my experience (both good and bad). I couldn’t imagine other cities being more beautiful…then I went to Bordeaux and I quickly understood why. I absolutely fell in love at first site! The city has caught up with modern times but the feel of the city’s history is still well preserved and that’s the beauty of it. The buildings turn bright golden when hit by sunlight and it shows all its grandeur. Every corner has a little surprise up its sleeve and it just keeps getting better and better. As you can tell, Bordeaux quickly melted my heart not only because it’s so damn beautiful but for numerous other reasons and I’ll tell you all of them!

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