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Things to do in Sydney, Australia

The first thing I heard the moment I stepped out of the airbus was the customs officer saying “Hello, Love!” – ahh yes… I am truly in the land down under! Saying hello to this gorgeous city once again was undeniably a pleasing feeling to have on a Monday morning. I could not contain the butterflies in my stomach as I thought about the looming adventures we will be having for the next 14 days. What was more exciting about the trip was that I am spending it with the entire family, my boyfriend, my bestfriend and my cousins. We were (believe it or not) a group of 11 people – I know what you’re thinking, how did we manage to stay in one roof, have a common itinerary and not get into each other’s nerves, right? Well, it was most definitely possible and I must say it was THE ABSOLUTE BEST 14-day family trip ever and I could not emphasize it even more. So here are a few things 11 people could agree on doing in Sydney…

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